Evergrande Neoenergy

Evergrande Neoenergy Technology Group


Evergrande Group is a group based on Minsheng Real Estate, with culture tourism and health care as its two wings, leading new energy vehicles worldwide. At present, Evergrande's total assets are RMB 1.88 trillion, the amount of annual sales exceeding RMB 600 billion, accumulated tax payment exceeding RMB 230 billion, charitable donation exceeding RMB 12 billion with 140,000 employees, employing more than 2.6 million, ranking 230th among Fortune 500.

Evergrande Neoenergy Technology Group is a subsidiary of Evergrande, which successfully acquired CENAT on January 24th, 2019, a company jointly founded by China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co. Ltd (directly under SASAC of the State Council) and ENAX, a Japanese Giant in battery, with its technology developed by “the Father of Lithium Battery” and his team, who is one of major developers of power battery and battery system standards nationwide. The Company is the first batch in accordance with Specification of Automotive Power Battery Industry issued by MIIT of the PRC, leading in bulk production of three-way laminated flexible packaging power lithium battery as well as exporting such products to Japan. Currently, the company has become battery supplier of main automotive companies in China including Jiangling Group, Shangtong Wuling, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Special Vehicle, etc. ranking top 10 of power battery production and installation within the industry, and top 3 of soft- pack power battery within the industry.

In the future, the Group will accelerate global layout in new energy industry. It plans to set up several super factories with an annual productivity of 60GWh in a decade, covering the complete industrial ecology of business segments of battery material, power lithium battery, solid battery, hydrogen fuel cell, energy storage battery, wireless charging and battery ladder recycling, determining to become the leader of new energy industry worldwide!

The nation will prosperous and be strong with developed science and technology. The Group, based on its advantages in the industry and technological reserves, will seize development opportunities through insisting on innovation-driven to promote leapfrog development of China’s power battery technology and make contributions to building a sci-tech country.

Setting up several super factories (60GWh) Within10years